Monday, June 30, 2008

Note to self

Self -

You know that ecinachea plant you put in the front row of the perennial garden to keep the deer out of the rest of the garden? Well, it's getting eaten by the deer (even though it's deer "resistant") and it's WAY too big to be in the front of the garden. In the fall, move it to the spot formerly occupied by the artemisia (the one Brynn killed with gasoline) and put a catmint in the ecinachea's spot. The deer don't touch that and it's lower growing. Also, move the second ecinachea back to the spot formerly occupied by the now dead (for no good reason) coreopsis and find something new to stick in its spot, too. Maybe a low-growing agastache.

Don't forget.


PS: Remember to look into getting a hedge trimmer to shear back the catmint and shape the boxwoods.

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Bev said...

Hi Hillary! Thanks for visiting my bgog. I am enjoying reading yours. I will soon have a post about cutting back salvias... but yes, I cut them back to where the leaves start. As to your catmint, in my experience it gets 2-3 feet and I usually end up tearing it out in a front border. Love your idea of agastache... it is one of my very favorites. Good luck.