Monday, May 5, 2008

Cole crops are in!

That's not that cole crops are in, as in "cool," although they are that, too. My cole crops are in the ground! They might get snowed on between now and the official "last frost" on May 15th, but they should be able to handle a little chill. I planted about 72 individual plants (one seed flat worth of seedlings), about a third bok choy, a third broccoli, and a third brussel sprouts.

No more germinations in the tomato/pepper flat. I'm keeping the seed flat under 18 hours of grow lights a day and constant heat mat, but I've given up on seeing any new germinations. I think I'll try some pumpkin and melon seeds in a few of the non-germinated peat pellets. Hopefully I'll have better luck with those. It's interesting to me because all of my seeds came from the same source, but the germination rates have been totally inconsistent. Almost all of the cole crops, spinach, and basil germinated while only a few of the mixed lettuce and red onion seeds have germinated and none of the bunching onions. I'm not sure why some varieties of seeds germinated without a problem and some not at all. Anyone?

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