Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My veggie journal

For the first time this February, I decided to keep a veggie journal. I was inspired by Barbara Kingsolver in her book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. It had never occurred to me before to keep track of how I amended the soil, what I planted, and when and where I planted it until she talked about her journal in her book. She can go back through the years and see the precise date when her asparagus came up every spring, or when she had to bring in all of her unripened tomatoes before the first big freeze. Genius. Okay, not genius, but common sense, I suppose. Since I'm just a novice gardener, I apparently didn't acquire the necessary amount of common sense until this year. I started my journal with a list of the seeds I bought (all heirloom, thank you very much) and a sketch of where I'd plant them all in my little garden. Today as I was sticking seeds into the soil, I realized that I should journal here in blog form instead of in a private pen-and-paper journal. I'm sure most of you know more about gardening than I do, so maybe you can leave comments to help me get the most out of my little chunk of land. Or, maybe something I'm doing will inspire you in your garden. Or inspire you to have a garden. Or inspire you to come over and eat from my garden!

So, here we go. Off and digging.

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